How to make your engagement photos unique

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How to make your engagement photos unique

How to make your engagement photos unique
There are so many components of wedding planning, and one of them that comes at the beginning of the process is photographing your engagement. This is a wonderful way to commemorate this special time for you and your fiance. These photos are also useful for trying out a photographer - or many times this "shooting" is included in your entire wedding photo package. Many couples also choose to use an engagement photo for their date. However, when planning your photo, you may want to find fun ways to make your photos creative and unique. Fortunately, there are many ways to do just that and make your photos stand out!

Rebuild your first date

For your engagement shoot, why not visit again where it all began? Let your photographer meet you at the place where you started your love story: where you had your first date. This will be a special moment to relive where your love began, and it will provide unique and sentimental photos.

Catching the sun just right

Although it may not be ideal to wake up before the sun rises for your engagement shoot, it will give you some seriously epic photos. Let your photographer meet you at sunrise to let nature do its thing while you pose in front of the beauty that is the sun making its first appearance in the sky.

Use props

There are so many different props you can use to personalize your engagement photos and make them more creative than standard shots. For example, if your fiance and you are both huge bookworms, have books as part of your shoot. Make fun of it by even wearing "nerdy" glasses or dressing in the style of your favorite literary heroes. You can find props that suit almost every common interest: sports, movies, and so on.

Creating a color scheme

Make your engagement photos consistent by using a color scheme that is reflected in the choice of wardrobe and environment. You might choose a monochromatic look, bold shades or something else to suit your style.

Restoring a fairy tale

For your engagement shoot, turn it into a story as old as time! Take your favourite fairy tale and do your best to create the ambience for your shooting. For something reminiscent of the Beautiful and the Beast, choose a hustle and bustle with red roses and dress in a blue dress. For Sleeping Beauty, create this famous scene in which you are awakened by the kiss of your true love. After all, there is no better time than your commitment to recreate some of the most famous love stories.

Make at home

Let your photographer take a step into your personal space to really capture you and your important other in your element. Here you will feel comfortable and the shoot will capture your everyday life in passing. You can even opt for a cozy shooting in pyjamas and easily take in all your pets.

Do it Old School

Just because your love story is told in this day and age doesn't mean that your engagement film can't take you back in time. Consider giving your shoot some vintage flair by doing it in an antique shop or, if you really want to go the extra mile, by renting a vintage car that will be used for these photos.

Take it to the beach.

A beach day is the perfect time to take some unique pictures of you and your future spouse. Put on your swimsuit and flip-flops and invite your photographer to follow you for the day. Have a beach picnic, lounge on a raft or walk along the shore in search of shells for some fantastic photos of the coast.

Embrace the Season

Depending on the season of your engagement shoot, you can come up with something special by playing the season. For example, if there's snow on the ground, take some photos while tobogganing. If it's a fall, you jump into a pile of leaves together. In summer you visit a fair and ride the Ferris wheel. For spring you will find some freshly flowering flowers and take a pose.

Make it a celebration

Do it Lady and the Tramp style by getting photographed by your photographer while enjoying a plate of spaghetti or sharing an ice-cream sundae. If you can incorporate your favorite food into the photos, it will make them more creative and definitely fill your stomach at the same time. To photograph something more intimate, set up breakfast in bed and invite your photographer to capture everything on film.

Dress on the theme

While you might have thought of the idea of coordinating outfits in colour, did you consider getting matching shirts? Mr and Mrs shirts could be exactly what you need to make your photos unique.

Pleasure in the rain

Is your engagement shoot scheduled for a rainy day? No problem! Instead of being enchanted by the wet weather, use it as an opportunity to creatively design your engagement photos. Drop your hair and get wet or grab an umbrella and snuggle up with your fiance under his edge for photos that are really special despite the weather.

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