How To Create An Eco-Friendly Logo: Top Design Tips and Strategies

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How To Create An Eco-Friendly Logo: Top Design Tips and Strategies

How To Create An Eco-Friendly Logo: Top Design Tips and Strategies
Want to create an eco-friendly logo for your green business? Looking for inspiration and tips on how to design a logo that matches your corporate vision and environmentally-conscious goals?  

Why An Eco-Friendly Logo Is Important For Customers, Partners & Employees

If you’re positioning your firm as eco-friendly, this is a major differentiator between you and the competition – and putting your brand’s environmental awareness front and center can help you get more customers, attract talented employees, and even find similarly-minded business partners to work with. For all of these reasons, you must definitely create sure your logo reflects your eco-friendly attitude.

Are Logos Really That Important?

Yes! Logos and branding are extremely important when it comes to brand recognition. It takes 5-7 impressions for a customer to remember a brand.

Not only that, but 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that “share their values, ” and 91% of customers would rather create a purchase from an “authentic” brand. It’s definitely worth investing in a high-quality logo, particularly if your brand is eco-conscious.

Key Elements Of Eco-Friendly Logos

How can you create a logo that captures your green values? Here are a few things to consider when crafting your logo.

  • Colors – Neutral tones and earth tones like green, brown, and tan are often used in the logos of eco-conscious companies, as they do not look artificial and remind consumers of your company’s eco-friendly attitude.
  • Font – You can work with a designer to choose a font that reflects the eco-friendly nature of your business, or even design custom type that matches your branding.
  • Firm name – Can you incorporate your environmentally-friendly attitude into your firm name? Doing so can be a powerful way to reinforce your corporate goals while creating a logo.
  • Imagery – Natural imagery like leaves, animals, trees, oceans, etc. can all be a great addition to your logo. For example, if you run a fair trade coffee firm, you could incorporate imagery of a mountain growing coffee beans, or a similar agricultural motif.
  • Taglines – A tagline can be a great way to get your mission across in just a little words. In the above example of a fair trade, organic coffee firm, you could choose “Coffee For A Better World”

The excellent way to make a logo that represents your brand well is to work with an experienced designer. You can work with your designer to iterate on your logo, and incorporate design elements that will help broadcast your eco-friendly message to everyone who sees it.
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