Why should you quit your job for your dream job?

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Why should you quit your job for your dream job?

Why should you quit your job for your dream job?
The worst part is going to a job you hate all the time, and yet knowing that you have a dream or idea for developing your own business that you just don't have time for. If you know this feeling, maybe quitting your job is the best solution. It's hard to give up a steady income right away, so you should consider starting to pursue your dream while at your job. While you are earning in the usual way, you can develop your ideas and develop your business plan.

  • Design. Create and define an idea for your future business. Determine what you want to provide to your customers. Will it be a service or a product?
  • Brand. Design a logo, and come up with a catchy name for your company. Describe what you are selling.
  • Marketing. Find out who your customer will be and start working in that direction. Use all possible online marketing tools. These days there are social media, personal websites, mailing lists and contextual advertising.
  • Startup. Once you've launched your business, don't forget to grow it. Put out special offers for your customers to keep them interested.

The idea development phase often runs spontaneously, working as if in the background. Chances are, you are already sitting at your job thinking about how you can build the business of your dreams. The other phases will require more of your attention and time. Let's try to outline some of the problems that may arise when your project is in the branding, testing, and finally launching stages.

The brand of your business idea

For those new to the business, branding is an incredibly difficult task at the beginning of their business. You may have some ideas in your head for a name, logo and slogan, but if you decide to bring it to life, and get your ideas to a designer, it can all be a very time consuming process.

Today there are quite a few online tools that can help you create your brand. Don't forget that you always need to protect it properly from the legal side.


Once you have succeeded in creating your own brand, website, you can start to promote your business through advertising. Take your time. Before you just decide to pour money into this area, be clear about your strategy that you will follow. Decide where you will look for potential clients. Perhaps you will have more opportunities online, or your company will grow locally in your city.

There are a myriad of tools available to help you improve your marketing process and implement your strategy for free. Let's list some of them:
  • Social media pages are absolutely free. Take this opportunity to create a page on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram - after all, these social networks are the most popular, and we want your clients to see us there as well.
  • Google Analytics - thanks to this tool you can monitor where your visitors are finding your company. It's a great way to see trends and understand where you need to go with your business.
  • Canva - Graphics software. Not a bad tool to visualize your ideas better.
  • Wordpress - Thanks to this system, you can create your own website or blog for free.

Sell your product/service

When you do decide that you want to fully engage in the business of your dreams, it is very important that you are able to set some bars to help you determine your own effectiveness and track how quickly and successfully you reach your goals. Try to calculate your approximate expenses for the first time you start your business and the time it will take you to recoup that money. You need to develop the right strategy that will enable you to sell products and put the process on an assembly line. Try to consider the following ways to sell your services or products:
  • Internet store.
  • Online commerce platforms (such as Shopify).
  • Seller profile on Amazon.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Referral system for faster distribution of your services.
  • Develop an online course or webinar to show you what your product is for and how to use it.
  • Contracts with other entrepreneurs to show your company's products to their customers.
  • Media. Appear at various trainings and shows to reach a larger audience.

Build your business during your regular work hours

If your usual job isn't going the way you planned and you're ready to leave for good, think about what it can do for you. Perhaps you can learn some skills that will be useful to you in the future to build your own business more successfully. Think strategically, because increasing your knowledge will only help you and your ideas in the future. Consider some of the following tips to help you learn from your day-to-day routine in order to use it in your future business:
  • Pick a job at a company whose idea is similar to what you intend to do in the future.
  • Ask your employer to send you for training to improve your sales, branding and marketing skills.
  • Start building your business online.
  • Read blogs, books, and various articles that will help your business in the future.
  • Don't miss opportunities to attend various conferences and business meetings where you can learn something new.
  • Look up to other people, and think about who you would like to see on your team of future professionals.
As you grow and meet your goals step by step, you should eventually see your original brand turn into a successful major business.

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