How to make the perfect landing page to better connect with your customer

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How to make the perfect landing page to better connect with your customer

How to make the perfect landing page to better connect with your customer
Have you ever come across a website that you thought was special? Surely you've seen something like that at least once. Many of us think that the quality of a website is all about visual beauty, but if we want to create a really effective web page for business, we have to think about its functionality and text content. The customer needs to be perfectly informed.

A great web page won't just show the customer your product, it will also promote it. Your website is the beginning of your relationship with the client. The page should make them come back again and again and recommend your business to their friends. If you are not an experienced copywriter, you will have a hard time finding the right words for your page at first. Let's figure out what you need to follow.

Demonstrate your ability to meet customer needs

Customers are much more willing to pay for what they really need rather than what they would like to get. A successful business has to fill some kind of gap in the marketplace, and a Web site has to prove that you are capable of filling that gap. Your Web site has to answer the customer's question of what is missing in their life. Maybe you want to explain why the client needs advice in some area, and then you have to prove that your company is the perfect solution. For example, a cleaning company would prefer to tell clients that they have too little time to do their own cleaning, and only then offer their services. Do not forget to remind people of what you are for (the main thing is to do it intelligently). Your audience will become attached to you, and will come to you every time they have a need of this kind.


Another secret to always staying on the same level as your client is your language and method of communication. If your clients are people of age, your method of communication will obviously not be the same as with young students. Be aware of how your clients prefer to talk. Perhaps they are more attracted to a relaxed atmosphere and easy conversation, or a more formal speech? In some situations, humor may be appropriate, and in other situations, it may be necessary to be dry and rational. Should you use a lot of terms from your field or limit yourself to general concepts? You need to know how the people who have chosen your company talk. Try to find common ground with them and be on the same level with them.

Preliminary Value

If you already have competitors, your web page should answer the most important question: "Why should I stay here and not go to your competitors?" The fastest way to prove you're a professional and start a customer conversation is to be the first to prove your value. For example, if your business is the distribution of cooking magazines, first try giving your client a link to your Youtube channel where you post free recipe videos once a week. This information will be free to the customer, and will show them how professional you are at what you do. Think about it, because sweet lollipops like this always appeal to a potential customer, and make them want more.

Sometimes less = more

Don't try to dump a bunch of information on a client right away and tell them everything in great detail. When there's too much text on a web page, it can be confusing or even scare off a potential customer. For the curious, you can always create a separate page on the site that answers the most frequently asked questions. Your website should try to explain your services in a few concise sentences so that the customer sees only the most important things.

A call to action

So, the customer has already started working with you. What's next? The website should call for action and this will be the last step. The call to action should talk about what your customers want most. If you own an eco-friendly store, let it be a button on the website with a phone number and the caption "your contribution to the environment starts here." Always strive to encourage the customer to communicate, and after they call you, you'll know better exactly what they need.

You don't always have to be a writer or copywriting expert to understand how to create an effective and concise website. If you always take into account the need of your audience, focus on demographics - then you will have the ability to create great content for your website that will build a loyal and satisfied customer base that will come back to you time and time again.

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